CS Project:  Digital Archive (DAP) -  Phase 1 - Strategic Plan

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 DAP Phase I - Developing a Strategic Plan for a Digital Archives  2004-2005

General Information   on developing a Strategic Plan (SOW, Start up Presentation, Memos to UNPOs, Status Reports, list all activities and deliverables)

DAP project Status Reports issued by Entium Technologies (vendor) or WGARM

Project Activities and Deliverables as identified in DAP SOW :

  • Deliverable 1   Phase 1 - Project Work Plan
  • Deliverable 2 Catalogue and analyze existing policies, practices, approaches and initiatives concerning the identification, management, accessibility and preservation of digital records.  Establish current record keeping functionality and requirementsAdministrative Survey (32 days); Main Focus -IRAM and Business Units (BUs)
  • Deliverable 3 - Report on the technical characteristics of the current core UNPOs information systems and identify current data bases, technical platforms and initiatives related to digital records. Technical Inventory/Assessment (35 days);Main Focus -Information and Communications Technology (ICT)]
  • Deliverable 4 - Digital Archive Standards and ICT Specifications identified and DAP framework designed [D4];
    •  DAP Design/Specs (57 days),
  • Deliverable 5 - Implementation Plan and proposed roadmap [D5];
    • Implementation Plan (32 days),
  • Deliverable 6 - Presentations and validation of achieved milestones [D6];
    • DAP Presentations (23 days)
  • Deliverable 7 - Work plan/TOR for Implementation (DAP Phase II) [D7]
    • Work Plan Phase II (39 days).

DAP Phase 1 - Deliverable 2 and 3: Survey and Digital Assessment (Shared annexes and Background Documents)

See also:  Phase II, Implementation (pilots) - 2005/06 and related budgeting docs for 2004-2007

Recent Related Work of International Community

  ICT =. Information and Communication Technology Representatives: ITC representatives form each of the UNPOs or other major subgroups include E-mail Administrators [responsible for the development and implementation of the e-mail policies and procedures]; Technology Coordinators [responsible for coordinating technology initiatives, usage, and standards across multiple business processes, groups, and/or technology applications]; Information Architects [responsible for business processes relationship to the high level function and information assets of the organization]; Application Owners [responsible for major Records, Document, and Transactional systems and applications within UNPOs.

IRAM = Information, Records and Archive Management Representatives. IRAM includes records, document, archives and other information assets or content management areas. Also covered are those responsible for : Libraries, official document repositories and the registration or upkeep of special collections and reference materials; and specialists for content or knowledge sharing and management

BU = Business Units Representatives within each UNPO. BU include department/units from the following functional areas: Administration, Conferences, Central Support and Procurement (ACP), Finance, Budget and Accounts (FBA), Human Resource Management (HRM), Legal (LEG), Oversight, Audit and Evaluation (OAE), Organisation, Co-ordination and Management (OCM), Programmes, Projects and Missions (PPM) and Relations, Outreach, Media and Communications (ROC)

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