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Global File Title & Classification Plans or Codes

Information on Participating Organizations [UN POs]         [UN New York Secretariat, Funds and Programmes]
  • Organizational Filing -CF/EXD/1990-002
  • Global Classification Guide

  • Draft UNICEF Record Series - Taken form upper level part of Global File Classification Guide [GCG], or previously entered Office or Division  RAMP-TRIM Series Titles - Most require fuller descriptions indicating the type of records covered by the files related to the Identified Series ram02162-GCG-Record-Series-Draft-Title-Code001.doc

  • Samples of File folder codes related to GCG AD = Administration,  ER = External Relations, FI = Finance-Budget- Accounts [all three in zip file]
  • Other related past efforts:
    • Programme Information Manager Data Base related codes and all predecessor related codes [used for PR related codes in GCG above]
    • UNICEF Main Document & Issuances Series Coding E/ICEF., CF/EXD [Executive Board, Executive Directives, Manuals, Administrative instructions etc. Prefix of registration number identifies doc series,  mostly based on authority for issuance & theme, Status partial list in RAMP-TRIM]
    • UNICEF [Mainly Programme] Thesaurus
  • See also codes for Main Functions and Sub functions
  • Identifying Ten Main Functions may be useful for Grouping or Classification of Series Records -  Functional Groupings with description or examples of Sub functions or series. Agreed by five PO in NY. Part of Appraisal Decision Assistance Project. this is reformat of wgarm02165

    See also the CS Generic Record & Archive Series as part of initial ADA Phase 1 for review during DAP Phase 1

     See also:

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Global File Title & Classification Plans and Codes
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