Global Filing List

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I. Organisation
II. Public Information Activities
III. Financial Administration and Management
IV. Administration
V. Personnel Administration
VI. Programming Organisation and Activities
VII. Legal Matters
VIII. Unnumbered Files - Miscellaneous

I. Organisation

ORG 100 Legislations (Omnibus Statute, resolutions, consensus, etc.) 
ORG 101
Major studies (Capacity Study - future studies can be numbered in consecutive order ) 
ORG 120 Participation in UNDP 
ORG 122 Channel of communications 
ORG 122/1 -----With governments 
ORG 122/2 -----With participating and executing agencies 
ORG 123 Terminology 
ORG 124 Management inspections 
ORG 130 Cooperation and consultation 
ORG 130/1 -----UN organs and offices (by organ or office) 
ORG 130/2 -----Government (by ministry, if necessary) 
ORG 130/3 -----Specialized agencies (by agency) 
ORG 130/4 -----Organisations including universities and firms 
ORG 130/5 -----Regional development banks, multilateral organisations outside UN 
ORG 130/6 -----Individuals (alphabetically) 
Meetings and conferences 
ORG 130/1/1 -----UN organs and offices 
ORG 130/2/1 -----Governments 
ORG 130/3/1 -----Specialized agencies 
ORG 130/4/1 -----Organisations including universities and firms 
ORG 130/5/1 -----Regional development banks, multilateral organisations outside UN 
-----Resident Representative 
ORG 130/6/1 ----------Global 
ORG 130/6/1/1 ----------Regional 
ORG 130/6/1/2 ----------Other 
ORG 141 Machinery of the UNDP - organisation and management 
ORG 141/1 -----Administrator and Deputy Administrators 
ORG 141/1/1 ----------Report of the Administrator 
ORG 141/2 -----Governing Council 
ORG 141/21 ----------Terms of reference and rules of procedure 
ORG 141/22 ----------Appointment and election of members 
ORG 141/23 ----------Meetings 
ORG 141/24 ----------Representation at meetings (by session) 
ORG 141/25
Committees and working parties (Working Group on Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries, PWG and WGAFM) 
ORG 141/26 Reports from 
ORG 141/3 Inter-Agency Consultative Board (IACB) 
ORG 141/31 -----Terms of reference and rules of procedure 
ORG 141/32 -----Meetings 
ORG 141/33 -----Reports from 
ORG 142/1 Advisory Panel for Policy Planning (general) 
ORG 142/11 -----Meetings (including reports, by session) 
ORG 150 Conference planning 
ORG 151 -----Preparation and distribution of documents 
ORG 151/1 -----Governing Council 
ORG 151/2  -----IACB 

II. Public Information Activities

PUB 171 Policy 
PUB 171 CCPI Consultative Committee on Public Information 
PUB 171/1 Letters from general public 
PUB 171/2 Speaking engagements (speeches) 
PUB 171/3 Publications (general) 
PUB 171/31 -----Pre-Investment News 
PUB 171/311 -----Pre-Investment News (covers production) 
PUB 171/314 -----Commitment 
PUB 171/32
Press (covers all aspects of news and features, correspondences with agencies, OPI and UNIC through Resident Representatives, etc.) 
PUB 171/33 Individual publications "case files" by publication/brochures 
PUB 171/34 Special articles 
PUB 171/4 Fuller reporting (general) 
PUB 171/5 Audio and visual information 
PUB 171/51 -----TV and films 
PUB 171/52 -----Radio and recordings 
PUB 171/53 -----Photographs 
PUB 171/54 -----Displays and exhibits 
PUB 171/55 -----Postage stamps and UN medals 
PUB 171/6 Hospitality 
PUB 171/7 Non-governmental organisations 
PUB 171/8 Public information (including UN Day-Human Rights Day) 
PUB 171/9  Publication and sale (UN publications, project descriptions, etc. ) 

FIN 210

III. Financial Administration and Management

FIN 211 Financial control 
FIN 211/1 -----Financial policies and procedures 
FIN 211/2 -----Financial reports of the participating/executing agencies 
FIN 211/3
-----Administrative and programme support services (including budget estimates - Headquarters and by COs) 
FIN 211/3/1 ----------Budget control statement 
FIN 211/4 -----Correspondence with external auditors 
FIN 211/5 -----Correspondence with Internal Audit Service 
FIN 211/6 -----Financial regulations and rules 
FIN 211/7 -----Computer operations 
FIN 211/8 -----Adjustments to indicative planning figures 
FIN 211/9 -----UNDP financial year-end action 
FIN 211/10 -----Agency flexibility arrangements (by agency) 
FIN 211/11 -----Remittance requests (by agency) 
FIN 211/12 -----Cost sharing, UNDP-assisted projects 
FIN 211/13 -----Field office IPF records 
FIN 211/14 -----Standard costs reporting 
FIN 211/15 -----Cost measurement system 
FIN 212 Contributions 
FIN 212/1 -----Pledging conference 
FIN 212/2 -----Voluntary contributions from governments to UNDP 
FIN 212/2/1 -----Contributions from governments to other organisations 
FIN 212/3 -----Donations from private sources 
FIN 212/4 -----Local costs - UNDP-assisted projects 
FIN 212/4/1 -----Local costs - regular programme of agencies 
FIN 212/5 -----Negotiating Committee for Extra Budgetary Funds 
FIN 212/6 -----Cash counterpart contributions 
FIN 212/7 -----Contributions in kind 
FIN 212/8 -----Government contributions toward country office expenditures 
FIN 212/9
-----Capital Development Fund -(Contributions from governments and other sources) 
FIN 212/10 -----Trust funds (general and policy) 
FIN 212/10/1 ----------UN trust funds administered by UNDP 
FIN 212/10/2 ----------UNDP trust funds 
FIN 213 Handling and custody of funds 
FIN 213/1 -----Banking arrangements 
FIN 213/2 -----Operational reserve 
FIN 213/3 -----Currency management 
FIN 213/4 -----Investment and financial data (printed material) 
FIN 213/6 -----Stipend rates (general and by country) 
FIN 213/7 -----Rates of exchange (general and by country) 
FIN 213/8 -----Investments 
FIN 213/9 -----Reimbursable loans 
FIN 213/10 -----Field accounts 
FIN 213/10/1 ----------Accounting and payment instructions 
FIN 213/10/2 ----------Petty cash - stamp account 
FIN 213/10/3 ----------Auditors report/observation on field accounts 
FIN 213/13 -----Duty status summaries (salaries) 
FIN 214 UNDP accounts 
FIN 214/1 -----Central accounts - general 
FIN 214/1/- -----Central accounts - by agency 
FIN 214/2 -----UNDP administrative budget (accounts) 
FIN 214/3 -----UNDP loans 
FIN 214/6 -----Exchange of currencies 
FIN 215 Programme financing 
FIN 215/1 -----Projects components 
FIN 215/2 -----Standard costs 
FIN 215/2/1 ----------Experts 
FIN 215/2/2 ----------Fellowships 
FIN 215/3 -----Data processing system 
FIN 215/5 -----Programme reserve 
FIN 216  -----Overhead costs of participating/executing agencies 

IV. Administration

ADM 250 General 
ADM 250/1 Activities of the staff 
ADM 250/2 Inventory of non-expendable property 
ADM 250/4 Summary of country office organisation 
ADM 250/5 Briefing 
ADM 250/6 Certifying officers (pouch, accounts, etc.) 
ADM 250/7 Commissary and staff house 
ADM 250/8 Communications facilities 
ADM 250/8/1 -----Pouch - postal 
ADM 250/8/2 -----Telex - cables 
ADM 250/8/2/1 -----Communications study 
ADM 250/8/3 Telephone 
ADM 250/8/4 Registry activities 
ADM 250/8/4/1 -----Decentralisation of registry 
ADM 250/8/4/2 -----File classification (global system) 
ADM 250/8/4/3 -----Lists of files - country offices 
ADM 250/8/4/4 -----Lists of files and their location - HQ 
ADM 250/8/4/5 -----Records retirement - UN Archives 
ADM 250/8/4/6 -----Records retirement - HQ storage 
ADM 250/8/4/7 -----Records - surveys and statistics 
ADM 250/8/4/8 -----Procedures - handling of correspondence 
ADM 250/8/4/9 -----Registry equipment 
ADM 250/8/5 Radio equipment 
ADM 250/8/6 Charges to agencies for electronic messages 
ADM 250/8/7 Leased channel - RCA 
ADM 250/8/8 Telecommunications for the United Nations (Pilnick Survey) 
ADM 250/8/9 Communications in the United Nations system (Macy Report) 
ADM 250/8/9 Communications in the United Nations system 
ADM 250/9 Field coordination questions 
ADM 250/10 Cost of living surveys 
ADM 250/11 Credit union 
ADM 250/12 Customs clearances and import procedures 
ADM 250/13 Documents, reproduction, distribution, requests for 
ADM 250/14 Office equipment and supplies 
ADM 250/14/1 -----Disposal of office equipment and property 
ADM 250/15 Manuals 
ADM 250/16 General services 
ADM 250/17 -----Surveys - availability 
ADM 250/17/CL -----Constructions and loans 
ADM 250/17/1 -----Rental subsidies and deductions 
ADM 250/18 Identification cards, ground passes and parking permits 
ADM 250/19 Interns and trainees 
ADM 250/20 Living conditions reports - briefing reports 
ADM 250/21 Survey Board - minutes 
ADM 250/22 Transportation - use of vehicles and availability, etc. 
ADM 250/23 Office - establishment of 
ADM 250/23/1 -----Office space, leases, contracts 
ADM 250/23/2 -----Maintenance 
ADM 250/24 Protocol 
ADM 250/25 Reference library 
ADM 250/26 Security 
ADM 250/27 Staff Benevolent Fund 
ADM 250/28 Staff list 
ADM 250/29 Staff meeting 
ADM 250/30 Staff movements - condolences - deaths 
ADM 250/31 Training and orientation - general 
ADM 250/31/1 Policy and procedure 
ADM 250/31/2 Study leave and UNDP-assisted independent studies 
ADM 250/31/3 Seminars and workshops outside UN system 
ADM 250/31/4 Training and fellowship offers 
ADM 250/31/5 Training for Headquarters and field staff - general 
ADM 250/31/5/1 -----Orientation course for professionals - Headquarters 
ADM 250/31/5/2 -----Orientation course and training for general service staff - Headquarters 
ADM 250/31/5/3 Language training - country offices and Headquarters 
ADM 250/31/5/4 Regional and inter-regional seminars 
ADM 250/31/5/7 Project workshops; guest speakers 
ADM 250/31/6 Equipment and supplies 
ADM 250/31/6/1 -----Catalogues, pamphlets and books 
ADM 250/32 -----Purchase, insurance and maintenance 
ADM 250/32/1 -----Sale, accidents, donation and theft 
ADM 250/33 Visitors 
ADM 250/34 Parties 
ADM 250/35 Importation facilities for field personnel 
ADM 250/36 Committee on contracts 
ADM 255 Project services 
ADM 255/10 -----Contract and procurement 
ADM 255/11
-----Dissemination of information on contract work in UNDP-assisted projects 
ADM 255/12 -----Inquires from consulting firms (A-Z) 
ADM 255/13 -----Contracting and procurement policy matters 
ADM 255/14
-----Correspondence with governments and other relevant information on "contract point" 
ADM 255/15
-----Contract awards and contracts to be awarded for publication in Pre-Investment News 
ADM 250/15/1 ----------Related matters 
ADM 255/15/2 ----------Contract awards 
ADM 255/15/3 ----------Contract tenders - by agency 
ADM 255/16
-----Requests (and related matters) for inclusion in mailing list for Pre-Investment News 
ADM 255/20 -----Equipment, supplies and control 
ADM 255/21 ----------Inventory 
ADM 255/22 ----------Aircraft 
ADM 255/23 ----------Vehicles 
ADM 255/24  ----------Fishing vessels 

V. Personnel Administration

PER 260 General 
PER 260/1 Duties, obligations and privileges of staff 
PER 260/2 -----Hours of work 
PER 260/3 -----Official holidays 
PER 260/4 -----Change of official duty station 
PER 260/5 -----Inter-agency transfers (loans) 
PER 260/6
-----Outside interests and activities (honours, decorations, favours, gifts, political activities) 
PER 260/7 -----Service and conduct reports (periodic reports) 
PER 261 Salaries and related allowances 
PER 261/1 -----Professional staff 
PER 261/2 -----Salary scales for field service personnel 
PER 261/3 -----Salary scales for general service personnel 
PER 261/4 -----Salary scales for locally-recruited mission personnel 
PER 261/5 -----Currency of salary payments/3rd currency 
PER 261/7 -----Language allowance - examinations for translators, etc. 
PER 261/9 -----Post adjustment 
PER 261/11 -----Daily subsistence allowance rate 
PER 261/13 -----Salary policy in promotions 
PER 261/14 -----Tax exemption and income tax liabilities 
PER 261/15 -----Special post allowance 
PER 261/16 -----Overtime and compensatory time off 
PER 261/17 -----Salary advances 
PER 261/18 -----Pensionable remuneration 
PER 261/19 -----Staff Assessment Plan 
PER 261/20 -----Dependency benefits 
PER 261/21 -----Education grant 
PER 261/22 -----Salaries and allowances during mission assignments 
PER 261/23 -----Assignment allowance 
PER 261/24 -----Representation allowance (hospitality) 
PER 261/25 -----Safe driving bonus 
PER 262 Appointments and promotion 
PER 262/1 -----Appointment, letter of 
PER 262/2 -----Re-employment 
PER 262/3 -----Notification by staff members and obligations to supply information 
PER 262/4 -----Geographical distribution 
PER 262/5 -----Local recruitment 
PER 262/6 -----International recruitment 
PER 262/6/1
----------Criteria for selection of Resident Representatives and other field officers 
PER 262/6/2 ----------Hiring of experts for duty in home country 
PER 262/7 -----Nationality 
PER 262/8 -----Family relationships 
PER 262/9 -----Temporary appointments and fixed term appointments 
PER 262/10 -----Permanent and regular appointment 
PER 262/11 -----Appointment and Promotion Board 
PER 262/11/1 ----------Promotion policy 
PER 262/12 -----Medical examination - examination physicians - vaccinations - inoculations 
PER 262/12/1 ----------Group life insurance 
PER 262/12/2 ----------Medical insurance 
PER 262/12/3 ----------Medical Expenses Assistance Plan 
PER 262/12/4 ----------Medical facilities and evacuation 
PER 263 Annual and special leave 
PER 263/1 -----Annual leave 
PER 263/2 -----Special leave 
PER 263/3 -----Military service 
PER 263/4 -----Home leave 
PER 263/5 -----Jury duty 
PER 264 Social security 
PER 264/1 -----Pension fund 
PER 264/2 -----Mission personnel 
PER 264/3 -----Sick leave 
PER 264/4 -----Maternity leave 
PER 264/5 -----Compensation for death, injury or illness attributable to service 
PER 264/6 -----Compensation for loss or damage to personal effects attributable to service 
PER 265 Travel and removal expenses 
PER 265/1 -----Official travel of staff members 
PER 265/2 -----Official travel of dependents - established offices 
PER 265/3 -----Official travel of dependents - mission service 
PER 265/4 -----Loss of entitlement to return transportation 
PER 265/5 -----Travel and removal expenses - eligible dependents 
PER 265/6 -----Authority for travel 
PER 265/7 -----Travel expenses 
PER 265/8 -----Route, mode and standard of transportation - 
PER 265/9 -----Travel by automobile 
PER 265/10 -----Purchase of tickets 
PER 265/11 -----Terminal expenses 
PER 265/12 -----Expenses while in transit 
PER 265/13 -----Travel subsistence allowance 
PER 265/14 -----Installation 
PER 265/15 -----Excess baggage and unaccompanied shipments 
PER 265/16 -----Insurance 
PER 265/17 -----Travel advances 
PER 265/18 -----Transportation of decedents 
PER 265/19 -----Removal costs 
PER 265/20 -----Laissez- passer, passports and visas 
PER 265/21 -----Shipment of personal effects and privately-owned automobiles 
PER 265/23 -----Travel claims 
PER 265/24 -----Official travel agent 
PER 265/25 -----Official freight forwarders 
PER 265/26 -----Hotels 
PER 265/27 -----Travel reports and statistics 
PER 266 Staff relations 
PER 266/1 -----Staff Consultative Committee 
PER 266/2 -----Joint Advisory Committee 
PER 267 Separation from service 
PER 267/1 -----Termination 
PER 267/2 -----Resignation 
PER 267/3 -----Repatriation grant 
PER 267/4 -----Retirement 
PER 267/5 -----Expiration of fixed-term appointments 
PER 267/6 -----Commutation of accrued annual leave 
PER 267/7 -----Restitution of advance annual and sick leave 
PER 267/8 -----Last day for pay purposes 
PER 267/9 -----Certification of service 
PER 268 Disciplinary measures 
PER 268/1 -----Joint Disciplinary Committee 
PER 268/2 -----Disciplinary measures 
PER 268/3 -----Suspension pending investigation 
PER 268/4 -----Appeals and Joint Appeals Board 
PER 269 General provisions 
PER 269/1 -----Financial responsibility - liability insurance 
PER 269/2 -----Staff members beneficiaries 
PER 269/3 -----Proprietary rights 
PER 269/4  -----Arrangements relating to military service 
Personnel files (see Unnumbered files - miscellaneous, below ) 

VI. Programming Organisation and Activities

PRO 300
UNDP Country programmes (by country, agency, policy and general) 
PRO 300 IPF -----Indicative planning figures 
PRO 300 CP -----Country programmes 
PRO 300 ICP -----Inter-country programmes 
PRO 300 REG -----Regional projects 
PRO 300 INT -----Inter-regional projects 
PRO 300 GLO -----Global projects 
PRO 300 OPAS -----OPAS 
PRO 300 FEL -----Fellowships 
PRO 300 SEM -----Seminars 
PRO 300 FIT -----Funds-in-trust projects 
PRO 300 UNV -----UN Volunteers 
PRO 300 FPA -----UN Fund for Population Activities 
PRO 300 CDF -----UN Capital Development Fund 
PRO 300 PM Programme monitoring 
PRO 301...
General policy files could be established for all programmes of activity 
Country/Annual/IACB -----Annual report to IACB 
Country/Annual/Dev.Assist.  -----Annual report on development assistance 
Country/Investment  -----Investment follow-up 
PRO 302 -----Bilateral programmes (by country) 
PRO 303 -----Regular programmes (by country, agency) 
PRO 304 Experts (general and policy) 
PRO 304/1 -----Briefing 
PRO 304/2 -----Listing of 
PRO 304/3 -----Periodic meeting of 
PRO 304/4 -----Reporting procedures 
PRO 305 Fellows (general and policy) 
PRO 305/1 -----Candidates 
PRO 305/2 -----List of 
PRO 305/3 -----Appointment procedures 
PRO 306-310-... Agency advisors 
PRO 400 Evaluations 
PRO 410 Programme evaluation and analysis reports and recommendations 
PRO 411 -----Programme evaluation and analysis (internal reports) 
PRO 420 -----Methodology and techniques 
PRO 430 -----Meetings and seminars (general) 
PRO 431 -----Inter-Agency Study Group on Evaluation 
PRO 440 -----Country files 
PRO 441 -----Bureau for Africa 
PRO 442 -----Bureau for Latin America and Caribbean 
PRO 443 -----Bureau for Asia and the Pacific 
PRO 444 -----Bureau for Arab States 
PRO 445 -----Bureau for European Communities 
PRO 450 Project files (by project) 
PRO 470 Mid-project and other reviews of individual projects 
PRO 480 Special studies 

VII. Legal Matters

Participation in UNDP, policy - 
LEG 500  -----States and governments 
LEG 500/1 -----Regional and other organisations 
LEG 501 Relationship with governments (by country) 
LEG 502 Agreements with government (policy and by country) 
-----Technical assistance 
-----Special fund 
-----Operational assistance 
-----Office agreement 
LEG/PO or /PD Plans of operations/project documents 
LEG 503
Agreements/relationship with executing agencies (policy and by agency) 
LEG 504 UNFPA agreements 
LEG 505 UN Volunteers agreements 
LEG 506 Agreements for sectoral advisers to Resident Representatives 
LEG 507 Agreements with UNDP contractors 
LEG 508 Construction and/or loan agreements 
LEG 509 Equipment agreements 
LEG 510 Capital Development Fund agreements 
LEG 511 Leases (office and residential housing) 
LEG 512 Patent questions 
LEG 520 Privileges and immunities (policy and by country) 
LEG 520/1 -----Income tax 
LEG 520/2 Conditions of service, social security, participation and payments 
LEG 520/3
-----Other tax exemptions of organisation and staff (importation of equipment - release of office cars) 
LEG 520/4
-----Immigration procedures, entry clearance procedures and permits, work permits, identification cards, etc. for staff, national service obligations, UN laissez-passer, free movement, persona non-grata doctrine 
LEG 520/5
-----Car and other accidents, police investigations, arrest of staff, waiver of immunity, etc. 
LEG 520/6
-----Other questions on privileges and immunities (e.g. additional facilities for Resident Representative), privileges and immunities in connection with UNDP-assisted projects 

VIII. Unnumbered Files - Miscellaneous  

Staff members 1 Official status file
1 Confidential file (for privileged and/or non-privileged material)
1 Travel and finance file
Experts, consultants, 
advisers, volunteers, fellows 
By name
- 1 File personnel matters
- 1 File finance - travel
Employment Queries By name
Leave Reports By name