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 Records, Archives, Document and Item Management [RADIM]

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UNICEF versions or drafts

UNICEF - extract from CF-RAMP-TRIM to Doc Repository as of Sep 15 2004

Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Standards

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Sample Record Series Lists& Forms
Global File Title & Classification Plans and Codes
  • [see also Draft Record Series Above ram02162]

  • Samples of File folder codes related to GCG AD = Administration,  ER = External Relations, FI = Finance-Budget- Accounts [all three in zip file]
  • Other related past efforts:
    • Programme Information Manager Data Base related codes and all predecessor related codes [used for PR related codes in GCG above]
    • UNICEF Main Document & Issuances Series Coding E/ICEF., CF/EXD [Executive Board, Executive Directives, Manuals, Administrative instructions etc. Prefix of registration number identifies doc series,  mostly based on authority for issuance & theme, Status partial list in RAMP-TRIM]
    • UNICEF [Mainly Programme] Thesaurus
Sample Retention & Destruction Schedules
Training Materials
Projects:& Consultancies
  • Archival and other Non‑current Records: Types of Facilities & Services Recommended. 
  • Reference works to be consulted for evaluation of Archives Facility or Non‑Current Record Storage Area
PO Organization Structure UNICEF Org Units - IMIS extract   UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00119
Meeting Agendas, Status Reports & Recommendations  

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