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    *Title: Survey Forms / Instructions /FAQ for CF/EXD/2000-005 UNICEF Main Record Series & Related Rules
    *Category: Training
    Posted by: Adhiratha Keefe
    Posted on: 03/21/2002
    *Valid until: 08/20/2002 (mm/dd/yyyy)
    Details: See attached docs for Survey Forms / Instructions /FAQ for use by Divisional Focal Points follow up on CF/EXD/2002-005 UNICEF Main Record Series & Related Rules:

    [Note the Deadline for submission of UNICEF data has been extended to 30 Aug 2002.]

    - ram02036 - Blank Record Series Form - Revised  UNICEF WGARM .xls

    - ram02035  - Sample Completed Record Series Form -UNICEF WGARM Revised.xls

    -ram02038  Instructions Record Series Form 02 WGARM.doc

    - ram02037 Glossary for WGARM_Record Survey.doc

    -ram02039 FAQ Completing Record Survey form - UNICEF Frequently Asked questions - UNPOs WGARM Appraisal Decision Assistance Project.doc
    - CF-EXD-2002-005 UNICEF main record series-rules Appraisal Decision Project-Memo-UNICEF-Div-Sections.doc

    • Draft UNICEF Record Series - Taken from upper level part of Global File Classification Guide [GCG], or previously entered Office or Division  RAMP-TRIM Series Titles - Most require fuller descriptions indicating the type of records covered by the files related to the Identified Series ram02162-GCG-Record-Series-Draft-Title-Code001.doc