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Originating Office      United Nations Children's Fund  - UNICEF




Date registered/ posted here Title of Document Description of Content Reference[s]  and cross reference and size Date on item or published Type of document and other comment e.g. .relevance to specific part of project Direct Web address if available
UNICEF 2005-jul-07 Questions and Answers about TRIM (Tower Software - Total Records Information Management) and use with UNICEF’s Records and Archive Management Programme (RAMP-TRIM). (Informal response note to formatted request from NY UN community TRIM user) CF-RAI-USAA-DPP-RAM-2005-00054   see also or initial selection process of TRIM by 3 UN Participating organizations in NYH go to 2005-06- May tool- software use  
UNICEF 2005-jul-07  TRIM and its use in UNICEF, 


(Tower Software) and use with UNICEF’s Records and Archive Management Programme (RAMP-TRIM).  CF-RAI-USAA-DPP-RAM-2005-00084 ; see also or initial selection process of TRIM by 3 UN Participating organizations in NYH go to  2005-13- May tool- software use  
UNICEF 2005- apr-08 UNICEF Policy on IT Software Systems Acquisition and Certification - process and steps necessary to certify software for organizational use Henceforth, ITD will address bug fixes, troubleshoot software and hardware problems, or escalate to the appropriate manufacturer only when the system in question is certified and supported. In addition, only globally certified and supported software can be purchased
  Administrative Instruction



2004-apr-29 Software Certification  
UNICEF 2005- apr-08 UNICEF Procurement of IT Hardware and Software Supply Directives - Policies and Procedures explains the global procurement strategy for IT hardware and software: UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00158


2004-apr-27 relevance for eventual software purchase with related IRAM components  
UNICEF 2005- apr-08 Personal Use of UNICEF's Information Technology Systems reminding  of some straightforward principles UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00163 


2001-jun27 System Use  
UNICEF 2005- apr-08 SAMPLE of UNICEF High level procedure document for Data backups [For security reasons, the indicators to specific locations where tapes are actually stored has been redacted in this document. [insert locations UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00154 2005- apr-07 Data Backups  
UNICEF 2005- apr-08 Progress Report on the UNICEF Strategy and Investment in Information Technology Submitted to  Executive Board, Outlined UNICEF information technology strategy & reported on progress in IT investments and projects E/ICEF/1999/AB.L.6

UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00148  htm version

1999 April 05 Information Technology Strategy  
UNICEF 2005 Mar 19 UNCEF SAP-HR goes live 4th April 2005, Executive Directive Information Circular Announces what IT systems involved and interrelationship. Replaces UNICEF use of UN-IMIS CF/IC/2005-018


2005-mar 2005 Application UN-IMIS & SAP-HR  
UNICEF 2005-apr-15 Pointer - UNICEF Intranet site for ICT functions = ITD subjects: Overview, End-User Support, Technical Support. Include links to policy, procedure, operational practice, user guidance, process or FAQ. Tech Support:_ Global Telecommunications, Internet / Intranet, Tech Architecture, Operations, PROMS;

End-User Support: computer Focal Points; IT Security, Hardware / Software TipsTOC & Print screens for some web pages - pdf image



2005-apr-15 ITC Overview Lin k  
UNICEF 2005-mar-31 UNICEF Records and Archive page on the UNICEF intranet as of March 2005, Overview, Key concepts, Policies and Procedures, Records Appraisal, alternate Media, electronic records, Historical Records & Research, manuals, Supplies & Equipment, Links UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00176
UNICEF 2005-mar-31 UNICEF - Programme Policy and Procedure Manual includes contents, Abbreviations and Glossary, implementation process and evaluation UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00100  Versions:   Word Doc  format;           PDF format 2004-jun-01 will need to  incorporate elec records procedure for programmes  
UNICEF 2005 Mar 19 Rationalization of the Symbol Series of the Documentation of the United Nations Children's Fund - Note by the secretariat.  Description of Series and E/ICEF/Year/Number format.;   Reclassification of Restricted UNICEF Documents, 1946 - 1953 ; 



1984 Jan 24 Document Series related to UNICEF  Executive Board  
UNICEF 2005 Mar 19 E/ICEF 1946 TO 1997 Rules of Procedure -  UNICEF Executive Board    IX. Records (rule 23); Need to see also rules on Documentation [& limitation of] under UN GA or other symbol E/ICEF/1951/177/REV.6 (PDF/ENG)


1994 May 20 Governing body Official  
UNICEF 14-Apr-2005 UNICEF links Email and Electronic records for previous policy, procedure, operational practice, user guidance, process or FAQ. Issued as either CF/AI, CF/IC or CF/EXD UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00165 14-Apr-1999 Email, Elec Records  
UNICEF 2005-15-Apr  UNICEF ProMS Data archival Process & User manual ProMS Administration  1. FO initials request to HQ for data archival.
2. FO runs data archival locally. See notes for detail
UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00167 2004-apr-28 Applications Archival Process  
UNICEF 2005-15-Apr Link to UNICEF  drafts on Email, Electronic records covering, etiquette, copies, retention guidelines etc. used as background in considering newer issuances. for policy, procedure, operational practice, user guidance, process or FAQ 1996-2001 UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00159  
2001-jan-01 email, electronic Records  
UNICEF 2005 Mar 10 Link to Items related to UNICEF and UN Secretariat Staff Confidential files, Filing adverse material, abolition in elec form  Administrative Instruction # 355 Personal Files and Official Status Files "all confidential files are henceforth abolished in UNICEF" Staff member has access to both Personal and Official Status File with right to comment.- Abolition of Confidential files I Filing of Adverse Material   Contents of Official Status CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-HS-2005-00051 1982- confidential Files / Records  
UNICEF-DFAM 2005 Mar 10 Management of Cash Resources - Financial Circular No. 40 Annex A model rolling cash forecast.xls ;  Annex B model agreement.doc ; Annex C cash operation dos and donts.doc ; Annex D internal control checklist.doc ; Annex E emergency preparedness_ Finance.doc  

Financial Circular No. 40 issued under cover of  CF/DFAM/FC/2005-001



2005 Feb 24 internal controls
UNICEF 2005 Feb  27 UNICEF's Information Security Policy and related code of conduct  info-security-pointer for review/comment UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-0069-UNICEF- issued as CF-EXD-2003-023.html 2003 Oct 23 Security Conduct  
UNICEF-DOC 2005-Feb-27 Draft Procedural Manual for Internet Web - user / content manager - technical posting guidelines- Division of Communication (DOC) see Table of Contents Individual chapters for detail:  Div of Communication [DOC] UN-CS-RAF-USAA-DB01-2005-0001 2004-Nov-01 Content o Web  
UNICEF 2005-Mar-31  The Organization of UNICEF - Including the accountabilities of Representatives and Directors of  HQ & Field Locations Offices -  in the process of being updated based on meetings  and CF/EXD and memo of 2004. The revised version will have possible implications for those responsible for creating, receiving, using or verifying UNICEF information, documents , records or archives. to be added


1998-Ap Organization Accountabilities  
UNICEF 2005-Mar-31 1999 Information Technology Standards, Field Offices & Headquarters identifies globally licensed software and other software that may be purchased individually by offices. CF/AI/1999-003


1999-mar-05 Software Standards  
UNICEF 2005-Mar-31 Policy on Software Management Code of Ethics, Procurement Registration, Distribution. CF/AI/1993-14


1993-aug-18 software  
UNICEF 2005-Mar-31 Organizational Standards for Information Technology), Please note CF/AI/1999-003  explained that these standards must still be followed for all purchases. CF/EXD/1990-19 UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00173 1990-dec-17 standards software  
UNICEF 2005-Mar-31 List of UNICEF RAMP-TRIM docs  Related to Training manuals and Slides  for sharing with CS -WGARM -DAP some need update UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00177 2005-Apr-09- Training