Identifying Ten Main Functions – may be useful for Grouping or Classification of Series Records

based on the United Nations NY Participating Organisations- ‘Records Classes Linked to Business Processes’ & Appraisal Decision Assistance Project



Generic Function

Grouping Title

Description or examples of Sub Function or Series enclosed

Notes &

Cross References


Administration, Conferences, Central Support and Procurement

Administrative Management, Conferences and Meeting Arrangements, Equipment & Inventories, Facilities and Property Assets, Procurement, Security Services and Risk Assessment, Travel and Transportation

See IAM for Archives, Records, Library, Mail etc


Finance, Budget and Accounts

Accounts Payable or Receivable, Budget, Cash Management, Claims, Contributions & Donations, Financial and Fund Management & Reporting, Payroll


Human Resource Management

Appointments & Promotions, Attendance &, Leave; Entitlements, Benefits, Claims; Compensation; Health & Safety, Recruitment, Staff Relations, Training.


Information Assets Management

Document, Records, Archives, Publications and Information Management, Mail Operations, Register and tracking, Distribution, Library, Collections, and Reference Materials, Storage Media Management, Presentations, Content and Knowledge Management

See also ICT for Systems Technical Communications


Information and Communication Technology

Applications, Hardware, Information and Communications Technology , Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Networks, Software, System Integration and Security, Telecommunications



Agreements, Authorities, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Judgements, Leasing, Legal Issues, Real Estate


Oversight, Audit and Evaluation

Audits, Evaluations, Investigations, Inspections, Monitoring, and Lessons Learned

For Policy & Procedure see OCM


Organisation, Co-ordination and Management

Co-ordination and Intra-function Meetings, Governing or Executive Board, , Executive Decisions and Management, Internal Relations, Planning Workgroups and Task Forces, Committees, Policy, Procedures


Programmes, Projects and Missions

Including Geographical [Field, Region, Area, Country] and Themes or Subject; Special Project and Programme Planning and Management, e.g. Disarmament, Electoral Assistance, Emergency, Environment, Peacekeeping, UN System, Regional Commissions

covers many mandated functions of organizations


Relations, Outreach, Media and Communications

External Relations, Presentations or Statements, Media , Press and General Public Relations; Related Agencies, Foundations, Funds, Intergovernmental Relations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Partners and Academic Institutions, UN Common System Reform , Member States and Private Sector

See ICT for Technical Communications –