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DAP- Implementation and Pilots Phases

Back to Digital Archives Project  ,  See also Preparatory work [Statement of Work EOI, RFI] and Phase I, Strategic Plan [RFP & Contract]- 2003/2004

Information on Participating Agencies [PA]  [UN New York Secretariat, Funds and Programmes]

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Phase II : Implementing [Parts of] a Strategic Plan for Digital Archives

DAP Implementation will implement the framework and begin the necessary technical and operational activities to develop digital archiving

  • Implementation (pilots) - 2005-07 and related budgeting docs for 2004-2007
  • Common implementation Strategies/Pilots
  • Individual Agency implementation of Strategy/Pilots

See also estimates for 2004-2007  UNPOs individual budget planning.

The documents below were used by UNPOs  to calculate rough estimates for the next phases. Theses are to be revised during 2005. This will incorporate new data we are obtaining as part of the deliverables from the current "strategic plan" phase. Revised information will be used for estimates during budget preparation for 2006-2007 or beyond when planning possible pilots or next DAP related phases.


Piloting in UNICEF Assisted Programmes -Draft to evaluate effectiveness and how to improve design and implement. Possible lessons learned for designing DAP pilot implementations. Test strategies, interventions, and policy options UN-CS-RAI-USAA-DB01-2005-00065



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Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Standards
Sample Record Series Lists& Forms
Global File Title & Classification Plans and Codes
Sample Retention & Destruction Schedules
Training Materials
Other Projects:& Consultancies such as Digital Archives Strategic Plan ; Issues related to Prioritizing Digitization of Records [2004-2005]; Vital Records identification & Protection [2004-2005]; Disaster & Recovery Plan [2004-2006]; Common Service Archives Research Centre [2004-2005]; Field Advice, Functional Requirements for Records and Archive Management Programmes [1995-1996 to be reviewed in 2005-2007]
PA Organization Structure
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