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Date: 17-Mar-2003 5:10:18 PM Eastern Standard Time
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draft to the  WGARM group.

Dear All -  Further to the message concerning the Wednesday 19 March WGARM Meeting, attached are documents that have been finalized since our last meeting in November for your information and reference:
                          [see individual documents below or download one zip

1) DAP RFI -  RFI process was successfully completed by mid November 2002. A WGARM evaluation group (Keefe, Guptil, Cross, Mueller) meet to review ande valuate responses which resulted in a short list of 14 vendors that will be sent the RFP (see item 4 below)  (See attached file:

2) DAP Power Point Presentation ? given to the UN Common Services Force Meeting in December, and a recent meeting with the UN Information and Technology Board (ICTB) as well as to various individuals within UNPOs. (See attached file: ICTB.pres2.ppt)

3)   Updated DAP Schedule ? circulated previously which highlights the latest DAP timeline, taking into consideration a recent delay caused by UN Budget problems. (See attached file: dap.annex4.updated-time-frame.doc)

4)   Finalized DAP SOW ? recently sent out with the DAP RFP. (See attached file: arm.digitArch.SOWfinal.doc)

5)   DAP Overview ? Short paper developed to address various audiences concerning the DAP project. (See attached file: DAP.overview3.INFM.doc)

6)   Draft DAP 2004/05 Budget Document with annexes. This paper was developed in response to the UN request for cost estimates for the 2004/05 budgetary exercise to anticipate budget requests.  It was circulated by the Common Services Task force to the various UNPOs.  Although the budget will be further developed within the context of the Strategic Plan, the Budget document may be used as a benchmark by the UNPOs when estimating anticipated budget requirements for 2004/05.
(See attached file: DAP.2004Budest.memoFin.Lou.doc) (See attached file:DAP.2004Budest.anx1.cstmodel.doc) (See attached file:DAP.2004-05Budest.annex2.COST.doc) (See attached file:DAP.2004Budest.annex3.doc)

Any questions concerning this or related documents can be brought up at the meeting.

Thanks Dhurjati

[ Dhurjati Mueller.

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