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DAP- General Overview

Back to Digital Archives Project  ,  See also Preparatory work [Statement of Work EOI, RFI] , Phase I, Strategic Plan [RFP & Contract]- 2003/2004 , Phase II, Implementation (pilots) - 2005/06 and related budgeting docs for 2004-2007

United Nations Participating Organizations [UNPOs]  [UN New York Secretariat, Funds and Programmes]
  • DAP- General Overview

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Start up & Intro & Specification Phase  Preparatory work [Statement of Work EOI, RFI] 2002-2004 Phase I, Strategic Plan  2004-2005
  • DAP Strategic Plan will identify requirements and specifications, define standards and establish an Implementation Plan; Identifying and Recommending Related Policies, Procedures and Standards, Presenting proposed Approaches and Alternative Action Plans and Cost Benefit analysis:
  • DAP Overview of Assessment Process Draft Slide 1 & 2    , DAP & ADA = Slide 3, UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00102, 2004 Oct 18
  • Activities and Deliverables addressing UNPOs Main Concerns as identified in SOW  RFP: 10-12 Month projected timeline; Work plan;  Data collected by vendor  and validated by UNPO [D2 & D3];  Digital Archive Standards and IT Specifications identified and DAP framework designed [D4];; Implementation Plan and proposed roadmap [D5]; Presentations and validation of achieved milestones; Work plan/TOR for Implementation (DAP Phase II) [D7]
Phase II, Implementation (pilots) - 2005/07  [Parts of] a Strategic Plan for Digital Archives
  • and related budgeting docs for 2004-2007
  •   implement the framework and begin the necessary technical and operational activities to develop digital archiving
  • Common implementation Strategies/Pilots
  • Individual Agency implementation of Strategy/Pilot

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Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Standards
Sample Record Series Lists& Forms
Global File Title & Classification Plans and Codes
Sample Retention & Destruction Schedules
Training Materials
Other Projects:& Consultancies such as Digital Archives Strategic Plan ; Issues related to Prioritizing Digitization of Records [2004-2005]; Vital Records identification & Protection [2004-2005]; Disaster & Recovery Plan [2004-2006]; Common Service Archives Research Centre [2004-2005]; Field Advice, Functional Requirements for Records and Archive Management Programmes [1995-1996 to be reviewed in 2005-2007]
PA Organization Structure
Meeting Agendas, Status Reports & Recommendations