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Date registered/ posted here Title Description Reference[s]  and cross reference Date on item or published Web address if available

Core Set of Metadata for Use by UN-System Organisations : Endorsed By UNS-ACC


CATEGORY/Element ; Provisional Explanation & field repeatability;  Handle, Context, Content, Access and Use; Structural

UNS-ACC/1998/ISCC/12 - Annex



30 June 1998 http://www.unsystem.org/acc/statements/doc-manage/migration-frameset.html
UN-Sec-   UN-Secretariat-Arms: Standard-Record-Keeping-Metadata-exposure-draft-Apr-2003.docRequirements for Electronic Recordkeeping Systems

1: Functional Requirements;     2: Manual for Designing and Implementing Recordkeeping Systems ;    3: Standard on Recordkeeping Metadata ;   4: Reference Document

wgarm03264- draft-Apr-2003.doc  
UNDP-   doc-type-meta-data-undp-background-e-mail working on metadata standards to improve the management, retrieval and preservation of electronic records wgarm03265- -aug-01.doc  
UNDP   E-Documentation Electronic Records Management Route Map-undp.doc and Milestones to Achieve Electronic Records Management and Move UNDP towards a Paperless Organisation -wgarm03266    
UNDP   Taxonomy-Format-Categories-undp.xls UNDP Taxonomy - Version 12e - -wgarm03267 Updated 31 March 2003  
UNDP   UNDP metadata standard.doc What is Metadata?  Why does it matter? Why a common standard for UNDP? wgarm03268-    



Executive Statement of the ACC regarding

Migration to Contemporary Document Management,

Strategies, Benefits, Challenges, opportunities-ways to get there, Budgets, Consequences of inaction, Endorsed High Level Requirements including core Metadata



30 June 1998





Strategies for Implementing Document Management Technology ;

Requirements, Definitions, Conclusions Document Types ,Life Cycle Challenges; Business Process Emphasis

Procedures and Participants;  Environment;  Framework, Business Processes Categories; -Early, Middle, Late Stage Management; Document Models; Guidelines to Progress; Prototypes; Hybrids

UNS-ACC/1997/ISCC/4 Annex II;


12 Nov 1997


CS- WGARM 2004-Feb-24 Comparison of Metadata Standards - General comments Background document links UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00023    
CS-WGARM 2004-Feb-24 Comparison of Metadata Standards - draft table including ACC, UN-Sec, UNDP, UNOPS, and Australian Archives UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00010    
CS-WGARM 2004-Mar-23 Comparison of UNPO Metadata Standards including ACC, UN-Sec, UNDP, UNOPS, and UNOPS UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00024    
UNOPS 2004-Mar-23 UNOPS Knowledge Networking Metadata Standards   UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00025    


Information on Participating Organizations [UN POs]         [UN New York Secretariat, Funds and Programmes]

UNDP United Nations Fund for Development [was UN Development Programme]
UNFPA United Nations Population Fund [was UN Fund for Populations Activities?]
UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund [was UN International Children's Emergency Fund]
UNOPS United Nations Office of Project Services [was.
UN-Sec United Nations Secretariat
CSTF / WGARM Common Services Taskforce/Working Group on Archives and Records Management
Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Standards
Sample Record Series Lists& Forms
Global File Title & Classification Plans and Codes
Sample Retention & Destruction Schedules
Training Materials
Projects:& Consultancies
POs Organization Structure
Meeting Agendas, Status Reports & Recommendations
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