Email to WGARM members:  09/25/2003 05:44 PM

Subject:  WGARM update 25 Sep 2003: DAP presentation, Funding, Project Management, Next steps, UNPO's DAP Coordinator


1.     WGARM Status & DAP Presentation

2.     DAP Funding - Funding Information Note, Sept 2003

3.     DAP Project Management Activities

4.     DAP Next steps Identifying UNPO/s DAP co-ordinator

5.     Overview presentations to management teams and work groups

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1. WGARM Status & DAP Presentation

The Common Service Task Force, CSTF, met on 8 September 2003 and an update of the current status of the Digital Archives Project [DAP] was presented (WGARM presentation available at The recommended contractor for the DAP Strategic Plan is Entium Technologies which was approved by the Secretariat Contracts Committee. The UN Secretariat is processing the administrative details for this Common Service contract which has been drafted by UN Procurement Office and is being cleared by Office of Legal Affairs.

2. DAP Funding - Funding Information Note, Sept 2003

At the end of the Task Force meeting, some questions were raised concerning the Funding Formula for future Phase II DAP Implementation [2005/06]. It should be noted that the Phase II funding formula and subsequent implementation commitments was subject to Phase I [Strategic Plan] outcomes and PO agreements. However, in order to clarify these issues, a WGARM Information Funding Note, attached, was drafted to address budget, funding and participation questions. The Information Note outlines:

The DAP Mandate and Process

Start up Phase and Strategic Plan Phase I

Current and projected Costs

DAP Implementation (Pilot) Phase II Participation and Funding

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3. DAP Project Management Activities

At the meeting, the CSTF agreed in principal that the PM post and incumbent are to be extended until Dec 2005 and funded under the current formula. The UNPOs will need to commit the funds for this activity. A separate document, attached, was prepared outlining the PM activities for:

Start up Phase, 2002/03,

Strategic Plan Phase I, 2003/04 and

Phase II Start up and Pilot Implementation, 2005.

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4. DAP Next steps Identifying UNPO/s DAP co-ordinator

The next step for DAP [after Entium contract is signed} will require each Participating Organization to identify the individual(s) who will co-ordinate DAP input and review of deliverables for their organization. Co-ordinator Functions and Requirements are outlined in the Annex section of the recent DAP Status presentation noted above.

5. Overview Presentations

The DAP Project Manager and WGARM chair or members are available to give overview to management teams in individual UNPOs concerning the status or the DAP project, proposed funding issues etc as well as the Appraisal Decision Assistance Project.

Regards, Adhiratha

Adhiratha Kevin Keefe, Chair WGARM