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Date registered/ posted here Title Description Reference[s]  and cross reference Date on item or published Direct Web address if available
WGARM 2004-Aug-30 CSTF-UNPO memo concerning Digital Archives Project start up and designation of coordinators Memo form Mr. Toh to Common Services membership UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00060 2004-Oct 20  
CS- WGARM 2004-Feb-24 ADA Phase II - Terms of Reference - Gap Analysis, Retention Schedules, Tool Enhancement Terms of reference for the 3 ADA Project priority areas that need additional resources UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00012    
CC-WGARM 2004-Feb-24 Developing a Records/Document/ Information & Archive Management [RDIAM] Pilot Programme Draft proposal for a Pilot project which would develop a common service initiative in a field office based on HQ experience UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00016    
CS-wgarm 2003-sep-25 Funding Information note Sep 2003 followup to Dec 2002 Budget note with request clarifications for UNPOs [dec budget note] UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2003-00283 2003-sep-10  
CS-wgarm 2003-Sep-08 Presentation to CSTF on Status of DAP Project - Strategic Plan for Digital Archives and other WGARM Projects - * main Slides  & Annex [to be used if required during Q& A]  revised before presentation 08 Sept ; all slides to be printed UN/CS/RAI/USAA-DB01/2003-00274 08-sept-2003  
WGARM-co 2003-Sept-07 Budget note -  Digital Archives Project (DAP) (Implementation    In response to CSTF Coordinator request, DAP project manager  provided some rough estimates for 2003-2005 UNPOs individual budget planning. Annex 1 Seven key areas to consider which effect DAP cost Annex 2 Indicative breakdown of DAP Implementation (Pilot) Cost Annex 3 Items to consider for Start up and Recurring costs UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2003-00284 Originally circulated December 2002 - with  Annexes]:


CSTF 2003-Sept-07 Common-Services-Task-Force-Terms of Reference-1999-Mar-17; Final-draft with cover transmittal .pdf Need to confirm if further revised since 1999 cf-ram-1999-0138 & 0137 17 Mar 1999  
WGARM 2003 Sep 07 Introduction of project start to CS Task Force Members "Start-up of WGARM Records Appraisal Decision Assistance Project Common Services " 8 Nov 2001


Sample draft memo to be sent by each Participating Agency [PA] to their divisions and sections introducing the project etc "Identification of main Record Series and related rules".




2001 Nov 08  

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