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Annex 5


DAP Digital Assessment Survey

List of Policies, Procedures and relevant background documents

United Nations Office for Project Services UNOPS




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Date registered/ posted here

Title of Document

Description of content

Document reference/cross reference and size

Date on item or published

Comment: Type of document and other comment e.g .relevance to specific part of project

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UNOPS 2000 Jan 01

File Survey 1998/99


Inventory of files broken down by originating office

Major Record Series for UNOPS





Document Retention Periods for main record Series as of 1997;

UNOPS 2002 Jan 01

System and User documentation for Records & Archive TRIM

Tower software product



End User support for Digital Archives; Basic support and help docs provided with software package non customized

UNOPS 2000 Jan 01

UNOPS Global Filing System

Subject classification code

UNOPS/ (ca. 1990)



UNOPS 2000 Jan 01

UNOPS Retention and Disposal Schedules : Summary and details

Includes: File Type, Description, File code, Retention period, Retention Code

UNOPS/ see http://www.wgarm.net/



Retention and Disposal of records

UNOPS 2004 Jan 01

UNOPS Knowledge Networking :

Knowledge Products - Knowledge Inventory Metadata Standards, Phase I


Includes discovery metadata (identification, context, content) and Record keeping metadata (access, use, structure)





Metadata standard

UNOPS 2004 Jan 01 UNOPS Document Classification Form Document Classification for Knowlege Inventory Pilots Phase 1, Stage 1 and 2     Classification  
UNOPS 2004 Jan 01 Project and Administration Classification Codes:    UNOPS\GFS.unops.rev1.doc   Classification Codes  
UNOPS 2004 Jan 01

UNOPS Knowledge Networking Components

Strategy, Technology, People and Process in Powerpoint see also UNOPS Knowledge Networking Presentation - March 12,2004 2004 Mar 12 Knowledge Networking