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Annex 5

UNDP - Documents List


Originating Office      Untied Nations Development Programme  - UNDP




Date registered/ posted here Title of Document Description of Content Reference[s]  and cross reference and size Date on item or published Type of document and other comment e.g .relevance to specific part of project Direct Web address if available
UNDP 2003 Mar 11 UNDP Policy on management of prescriptive-content These procedures are to be used by all UNDP staff at headquarters in the country Offices and at other offices world wide   2003 Mar 11    
UNDP 2002  Global Classification List Subject Filing      See below for update was: http://www.wgarm.net/ccarm/UNDP/undp_glo-file.doc
UNDP 2004 Files Series Matrix Suggested inter-agency Record Series Listing based on WGARM Generic Function/Series Matrix     - Draft which supersedes Global Classification List  
UNDP 2002 Manual of Operations Management -  Section on Archives and Records Includes policies and guidelines on records management/archiving and the UNDP Global Filing List. UNDP/PUP/MOM/ 1998-001   updated as and when required  
UNDP 2003 Policy on Electronic Document Management Policy for documents with legal and semi legal implications    2003 May 07    
UNDP 2003

UNDP Metadata Standard


This proposed Standard describes the metadata that UNDP recommends should be captured in information management systems used in all UNDP offices.   Draft 2003 June    
UNDP 2003 Content Management at UNDP: Report and recommendations This report is the result of a two week consultancy to critically examine the UNDP taxonomy development process   2002 Dec 15 Cory Brandt,  
UNDP 2004 Apr Management and Preservation of UNDP records Procedures for the creation, management, maintenance, disposal and preservation of electronic and paper records within UNDP.   2004 Apr 19 Draft  
UNDP 2003 Document Scanning Guidelines Best practices and recommendations for the digitization of documents within UNDP   2003 Nov 11 Draft