Ref: UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00110

Weekly Project Status Report

United Nations Participating Organisations 

Strategic Plan for Digital Archives Program



United Nations Participating Organisations –

Dhurjati Mueller

Tony Newton



Entium Technology Partners LLC -

Fred Diers, CRM, FAI

Principal, Records and Information Management



For the Week ending 10.01.2004         


Tasks Completed by F. Diers:

§          Revised and issued the following documents as specified by instructions communicated both verbally and via e-mail from Dhurjati Mueller:

o         The DAP Work Plan including a cover letter, 3 attachments, and expanded PM, Communications, and Risks sections.

o         The Interviewee Criteria Document for issuance to the DAP Coordinators

§          Continued to develop the Interview Guide.  This Guide will be issued once comments are received from D. Mueller.  Currently the Interview Guide is in two formats, an MS Excel and Word version for use as an electronic survey or as a print survey.  J. Mernin provided D. Mueller electronic versions of the technical and process interview guides that the DAP project team are currently reviewing.

§          Continued to review back-ground documents form D. Mueller that were distributed to the Entium team.

§          Conducted a project status conference call with the Entium team.


Tasks Completed by Robert Turner:

§          Worked with the Entium team on the Work plan and supporting documents.

§          Worked with J. Mernin and C. Ardern on the Interview Guide/Survey instrument.

§          Developed worksheets for tracking interview schedules and supplemental forms for supporting deliverables.


Tasks Completed by Jim Mernin:

§          Combined business process, records and technology interview guides into one MS Excel based spreadsheet.

§          Developed interview guide/survey instructions and data tables.


Tasks Completed by Christine Ardern:

§          Worked with J. Mernin on synchronising questions and format of the Interview Guides


Tasks Completed by Sean Rickert:

§          Continued to review and analyse existing documentation provided by the UNPO’s, posted on the website, and the UN public website.




Tasks to be Accomplished the week beginning October 4, 2004


1.       Issue the Interview Guide/Survey Instrument once comments and edits are reviewed from D. Mueller.

2.       Issue the Kick-off Meeting minutes for distribution.

3.       Prepare and issue the weekly project status report.



Project Action Items (including issues and concerns):

·          Action Items for the UN project team:

o         D. Mueller to provide Kick-off meeting attendee list for Entium to finalized the minutes from the Kick-off meeting.

o         D. Mueller to provide comments for the interview Guide/Survey Instrument for Entium to finalize that document.

o         Review, edit, and acceptance for the Project Work Plan and supporting document by October 6, 2004.

o         The selection and scheduling of Interviews based on the Interviewee Criteria by October 8, 2004. Thirty interviews and data gathering to commence the week of October 11th and cover a four week time frame.


NOTE:  During the week of October 4th, Fred Diers will only be available via his cell phone (610.212.9412) and have limited access to e-mail.  To ensure that project tasks continue to move forward relating to the Interview Guide/Survey instrument, final edits to the Work Plan, and scheduling interviews, please contact Robert Turner at:


Phone: 401.743.4847