Ref: UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00109

Weekly Project Status Report

United Nations Participating Organisations 

Strategic Plan for Digital Archives Program



United Nations Participating Organisations –

Dhurjati Mueller

Tony Newton



Entium Technology Partners LLC -

Fred Diers, CRM, FAI

Principal, Records and Information Management



For the Week ending 9.25.2004           


Tasks Completed by F. Diers:

§          Met with D. Mueller, B. Sisk, and T. Newton to discuss revisions and format of the submitted DAP project Work Plan. Prepared action items to rework and expand sections of the DAP Work Plan.

§          Received Work Plan Outline and Overview Documents from D. Mueller to use in reworking the DAP Work Plan

§          Participated in the DAP Kick-off meeting with the Entium project team; representatives from WGARM and DAP Coordinators

§          Presented Activity 2 and 3 tasks descriptions based on the PowerPoint presentation prepared by D. Mueller.

§          Developed action items and next steps for project team.

§          Participated in a follow-up meeting with D. Rose concerning scheduling interviews.

§          Discussed Interview guides development with D. Mueller and T. Newton.


Tasks Completed by Robert Turner:

§          Participated in the Kick-off meeting and took meeting minutes.


Tasks Completed by Jim Mernin:

§          Participated with the Entium Team members (C. Ardern, S. Rickert, and R. Turner) in the ADA/DAP presentation by A. Keefe held prior to the project Kick-off meeting on September 23rd.

§          Finalized draft interviewee criteria document and sent to D. Mueller for review.

§          Edited and issued Interview Guides based on D. Mueller’s request

§          Coordinated logistics of Entium consulting team related to UN Security requirements.

§          Continued editing and fine tuning the Technology Interview Guide based on comments from the UN project team

§          E-mailed electronic copies of draft interview guides to D. Mueller.


Tasks Completed by Christine Ardern:

§          Reconfigured process interview guide based on input from D. Mueller

§          Worked with J. Mernin on synchronizing questions and format of the Interview Guides


Tasks Completed by Sean Rickert:

§          Continued to review and analyse existing documentation provided by the UNPO’s, posted on the website, and the UN public website.




Tasks to be Accomplished the week beginning September 27, 2004


1.       Issue following edited draft documents to D. Mueller by the close of business on Wednesday, September 29th:

·          The Project Work Plan with Attachments

·          The Interviewee Criteria

·          The Interview Guide(s)

2.       Issue the Kick-off Meeting minutes for distribution.

3.       Prepare and issue the weekly project status report.



Project Action Items (including issues and concerns):

·          Action Items for the UN project team:

o         D. Mueller to provide Kick-off meeting attendee list

o         D. Mueller has been requested to specify if there will be a single interview guide combining all questions or multiple interview guides.

o         Review, edit, and acceptance for the Project Work Plan and supporting document by October 6, 2004.

o         The selection and scheduling of Interviews based on the Interviewee Criteria by October 8, 2004. Thirty interviews and data gathering to commence the week of October 11th and cover a four week time frame.