Ref: UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00107

Weekly Project Status Report

United Nations Participating Organizations 

Strategic Plan for Digital Archives Program



United Nations Participating Organizations –

Dhurjati Mueller

Tony Newton



Entium Technology Partners LLC -

Fred Diers, CRM, FAI

Principal, Records and Information Management



For the Week ending 9.11.2004           


Tasks Completed by F. Diers:

§          Issued the Interviewee criteria document for WG-ARM’s review and the revised project Gantt chart.

§          Prepared and issued weekly project status report


Tasks Completed by Jim Mernin:

§          Participated in Entium project team conference call to discuss and finalize the Interviewee criteria.

§          Continued to review submitted documents form D. Mueller.


Tasks Completed by Christine Ardern:

§          Reviewed detailed documentation as provided and worked with F. Diers and J. Mernin on developing interviewee criteria for Activity 2.


Tasks Completed by Sean Rickert:

§          Continued to collect and codify all UN provided documents, printed the documents, and arranged in binders for distribution to the Entium team.




Tasks to be Accomplished the week beginning September 13, 2004


1.       Per D. Mueller’s request provide a demonstration of the project portal to manage project documents.

2.       Complete the development of the draft work plan with Kick-off meeting agenda

3.       Complete the Interview Guide for submission by September 16th.

4.       Prepare and issue the weekly project status report



Project Action Items (including issues and concerns):

·          D. Mueller to communicate the time and location for the next planning meeting scheduled for September 16th where the draft project plan will be presented.

·          Would like to present the LiveLink document management portal for consideration on the 16th.

·          Request feedback and edits to the Interviewee criteria and revised project schedule.