Ref: UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00106

Weekly Project Status Report

United Nations Participating Organizations 

Strategic Plan for Digital Archives Program



United Nations Participating Organizations –

Dhurjati Mueller

Tony Newton



Entium Technology Partners LLC -

Fred Diers, CRM, FAI

Principal, Records and Information Management



For the Week ending 8.28.2004           


Tasks Completed by F. Diers:

·          Met with Dhurjati Mueller and Adhiratha Keefe at Unicef House on Thursday, August 26th to continue the project planning session commenced on August 20th.

·          Addressed:

o         ADA & DAP Overview

§          A. Keefe provided a detailed explanation on the interdependency of the Digital Archives Plan Project and the Appraisal Decision Assistance Project.

§          Specific Perk charts were provided during in the discussion

§          Note:  It was mutually agreed that A. Keefe would provide a similar overview to the Entium project team prior to the kick-off meeting on the 23rd.

o         Assistant Secretary General Toh’s memo soliciting participating organization support for DAP Coordinators including the timing of organizational appointments of the DAP Coordinators

o         Activity/Deliverable Certification Checklist for each of the 7 project activities focusing on Activities 1 through 3.  The Interviews and Inventories outcomes will impact the timing of the remaining deliverables.

o         The potential project database tools to collect, update, and maintain documents. 

·          Work Plan Development session focused on:

o         Activity 1 milestones, timeframe and required resources including:

§          The draft work plan will include a narrative format mirroring the Activity/Deliverable Certification Checklist with the detailed Gantt chart as a referenced attachment.

§          The draft work plan will be delivered to D. Mueller and A. Keefe on September 16th  (Date to be confirmed by D. Mueller)

§          The DAP Coordinators will be appointed by the Participating Organizations by September 20th. 

§          The Entium project team will meet with D. Mueller and invited project stakeholders prior to the scheduled project kick-off meeting with the DAP Coordinators and WGARM on September 23rd.

§          The Kick-off meeting will be held at 3:00PM on September 23rd.

§          By September 7, Entium will provide D. Mueller a sample interview guide and interviewee criteria for D. Mueller to present to WGARM that week for WGARM to commence scheduling interviews.

§          The interview guide will be distributed at the Kick-off meeting for distribution to the 30 selected interviewees.

o         Activity 2 and 3 tasks to be accomplished concurrently including:

§          Scheduling the 30 interviews over a 4 week period targeting the week of October 11th as the task start date.  The interviews would be scheduled with on in the morning and one in the afternoon.

§          C. Ardern and J. Mernin of the Entium team would be identifying joint IT interviews with the DAP Coordinators.

§          The preparation and issuance of interview summaries and consolidated issues and concerns reports.



Tasks Completed by F. Diers (Cont.):

·          Work Plan Development session also focused on:

o         Project Risks Identification included:

§          Participating Organizations willingness to either (1) wait for the recommendations or plan implementation that could be 12 to 18 months away or (2) integrate, link, or change existing or planned technology tools to meet the recommended requirement specifications.

§          UN culture of decentralization to a Plan recommending centralized solution

§          End-user expectations versus participating organizations’ budget and resource constraints

§          Ethical Wall issues in information sharing and collaboration impacting the organizational implementation of the Digital Archives Plan.

·          General Project Discussion:

o         Format and structure of the Weekly Project Status Report was approved

o         Prepare a revised project Gantt chart based on edits noted during the meeting.

·          Received and distributed the following documents:

o         ADA Functions – Records Series Doc

o         Deliverable Certification Checklist


Tasks Completed by Christine Ardern:

·          Met with Bridget Sisk at the IAC Congress in Vienna, to discuss the project scope and general digital preservation issues. 

·          Examined, at the request of B. Sisk, Hans Hoffman’s model for digital preservation.  Attended his session and discussed the model and approach with him.

·          Discussed the content management project that is in the works at the UN and walked through the various strategies.


Tasks to be Accomplished the week beginning August 30, 2004


Fred Diers

1.       Continue to review and distribute submitted documents from D. Mueller

2.       Provide Interviewee criteria and interview guide for review and consideration

3.       Prepare agenda for Entium project team briefing and Kick-off meeting.

4.       Update and issue project Gantt chart

5.       Commence the development of the work plan

6.       Identify additional documents for review by Entium.

7.       Prepare and issue the weekly project status report



Project Action Items (including issues and concerns):

·          Verify the schedule for the next planning meeting for September 16th where the draft project plan will be presented.

·          Decide on the tool sets to be used during the project for collection of data and maintaining deliverables.