Ref: UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00105

Weekly Project Status Report

United Nations

Digital Archives Plan



United Nations

Dhurjati Mueller

Tony Newton



Entium Technology Partners LLC -

Fred Diers, CRM, FAI

Principal, Records and Information Management




For the Week ending 8.21.2004


Tasks Completed by F. Diers:

          Met with the principal project stakeholders at the United Nations Archives and Records Centre Manhattan Research Room.


o         Security:

          UN Project Team Escorts will be required for interviews and data collection throughout the course of the project since no security badges will be issued.

          All meetings will be arranged through and coordinated by D. Mueller.

          No on-site data or voice systems will be provided, consultants to use cell phones and laptops. No connection to the internet provided.

          Workspace will be provided at the Manhattan Research Room on a reserve basis. A calendar will be created identifying dates that Entium consultants will be on-site.

o         Project Kick-off Meeting - The project kick-off meeting will be held Thursday, September 23, 2004 at 3:00PM in the conference facility at the Manhattan Research Room. A back-up date of September 22nd was also schedule if the 23rd does not work out for all participants.

          General Project Discussion:

o         Maintaining an aggressive task schedule and workplan is essential.

o         DAP must be practical and implementable.

o         There must documented processes and tools to collect data for the long term.

o         All collected information must be available through a database format.

o         Procedures and Standards tables must be linked to the selected database.

o         There project calls for 30 individual and/or group interviews across the five targeted UN organizations.

          Received and distributed the following documents:

o         DAP Contract updated Exhibit 3 organization units (2 attachments)

o         UNDP, UNOPS, and UNFPA organization charts




Tasks to be Accomplished the week beginning August 23, 2004


Fred Diers

1.       Continue to review submitted documents from D. Mueller

2.       Schedule and participate in the second planning meeting with D. Mueller to commence project task definition, responsibilities, and timelines based on the submitted MS Project Gantt chart.

3.       Identify additional documents for review by Entium.

4.       Prepare and issue the weekly project status report


Project Action Items (including issues and concerns):

Verify the schedule for the next planning meeting either Wednesday, August 25, 2004, or Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 10AM.