Ref: UN/CS/RAI/USAA/DB01/2004-00103


Strategic Plan to Develop a Digital Archives Programme

DAP Activity 2 and 3 – Digital Assessment

Introduction to Survey, Interviews and Record Sampling



The Task Force on Common Services has approved and funded a consultancy to Develop a Strategic Plan for a Digital Archives Programme, DAP within United Nations Participating Organizations, UNPOs.  This project uses a common service approach that includes the UN Secretariat, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and UNOPS.  The goal of the DAP is to assure the long term preservation, access and use of electronic and digital records. 


As a first step, this project will identify and assess the current administrative and technical digital infrastructures within the UNPOs.  This includes identifying the practices of creating, processing, maintaining and archiving electronic records as well as identifying the relevant systems, platforms and technical standards which supports them.


Digital Assessment

The following exercises will be conducted in order to assess the current digital environment, establish recordkeeping functionality/requirements and identify their business context:



A survey/questionaire is attached that will serve as a guide during the interviews.  The survey was designed to address various general digital and record keeping issues which may or may not be present in a particular  organization.  The survey should be filled out as much as possible prior to the interview.


 ‘Group’ interviews conducted around functional or business process will optimize the interview process.  Group interviews are to be constructed around either inter- or intra- organizational sessions, depending on the functions or business proces.  The following structure is envisioned for these group interviews (see Digital Assessment Interview Overview for more details)



After the initial interviews taken place, follow-up may be needed to clarify information or to appraise record samplings which were identified during the interview process. 


Interview Schedule

In order to ensure an effective interview approach that will build a sound knowledge base, the following scheduling sequence and arrangements are suggested:


Interview Package

The attached Interview Package for each participant will aid participants in completing the survey and address any concerns.  The package includes:



Everyone participating in this questionaire and interview process will contribute to the development of a document that will represent a comprehensive view of current operations within UNPO.   Thank you for your time and effort.