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Date: 03-Apr-2003 11:38:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
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Dear all -

Further to the last WGARM meeting discussions concerning sharing related
E-documentation, Patrick Gremillet, UNDP's E-Documentation Team Leader, has
kindly forwarded a draft of UNDP Policy on E-Documentation for your info
and comments.    The related document,  'Policy on Prescriptive Content',
was forwarded previously to the group with the Meeting Minutes.

Please note Patrick's message of 27 March below which provides some
background to the document.  Any comments may be forwarded to Patrick


(See attached file: E-Documentation Policy.htm)

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Subject: [mpn] FEEDBACK NEEDED: Policy on E-Documentation

(From the Facilitator: The 2 key decision points of this policy as
described below are:)
     Electronic versions of documents shall become the operational version.
     Electronic signatures will become equivalent to a hand-written

Dear MPN Colleagues

A topic on E-Documentation was launched last year on the MPN to have
feedback on a proposal regarding the gradual move from a paper-based to an
electronic environment. There was a consensus that E-Documentation
Management was the missing link among the main ICT initiatives currently
implemented by UNDP corporately. Specific issues addressed at that time
were related to the legal value of electronic documents, which was regarded
as essential to implement any policy in this respect ( see summary).

These comments have been incorporated into a Policy draft which shall serve
as a guide to the management of electronic documents by establishing common
goals and principles for all UNDP units and by providing a framework for
more specific procedures and practices.

The most important reasons to have a policy on electronic documents are the
- to facilitate the on-going shift in organisational practice from the use
of paper to electronic documents
- to prepare UNDP for the ERP implementation as the system will obviate the
need for many paper documents
- to ensure that UNDP produces and maintains electronic documents that are
acceptable for legal, audit and other purposes
- to reduce paper storage space and related costs by relying increasingly
on electronic records
- to complement the recent Policy on Prescriptive Content Management

There are two key decisions proposed in this policy:
     The electronic versions of documents shall become the operational
     versions for UNDP, provided that criteria for assessing the
     authenticity and integrity of electronic documents are met to prevent
     any alteration to informational content.
     When internal requirements necessitate the signature of a person on a
     document, these requirements can be met through electronic documents
     using an electronic signature that satisfies certain criteria of
     technical reliability. As such the electronic signature shall be
     functionally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

The policy itself has been developed based on Model Laws adopted by the
United Nations regarding the legal value of electronic
records and electronic signatures.

You are kindly invited to review this policy and provide feedback on its
content. Your comments will help us ensure that the policy is
applicable and reflects the requirements of the various units within the
organisation. See 'E-Documentation Policy' at

When providing comments, please bear in mind that this is a policy document
addressing specific legal requirements, independently of any system or
technical platform. Once it is approved, we will then have more
opportunities to discuss concrete implementation issues.

We intend to close the review on the MPN by 9 April. We will then provide a
summary of the comments, and incorporate relevant changes in the main
document. If the changes are significant, the text will then be resubmitted
to the MPN for review. If not, the policy will follow the next steps of the
workflow in order to be approved and officially issued.

With best regards

Patrick Gremillet
United Nations Development Programme
WITs - E-documentation Team Leader
Office Tel: +1 212 9066682     Mobile: +1 917 9576684


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