Presentation to ICA/SIO meeting June 1995


Functional Requirements for  Records and Archive Management Programmes [1994-1996] software recommendations to be reviewed in 2003-2004] [pre-project was 1992-93]



8. Attachments Available at meeting & by Email request

anx doc title or description number of pages & orig format


RAM/94-311 Intro to RFI package sent to vendor [including cover sheet and sample Acknowledgement forms] 9 wp
2 RAM/93-248/ R04 Detailed Functional Requirements [first 4 pages includes legend and vendor priority code for responses] 4 wp  
3 RAM/95-112/ R02 RFI Para [A-F] sorted by funct req. para item number [with full title and subject content of each item] - Quattro pro spreadsheet] 12 QP
4 RAM/95-128/ R02 RFI Sort by priority and weight of items for Para A-F , Table of Responses from vendors [W/P:H+=12, H=10, M=6, L=2 Quattro pro Spreadsheet] 7 QP
5 RAM/95-111 Follow up technical Questions sent to vendors: platform, Integration, other 3 WP
6 RAM/95-113/ R02 Spread sheet of vendor responses to follow up technical requirements questions) QP