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 Notes on Composition of WGARM and definition of representative, alternate and observer


The UNPOs Common Services Working Group for Archives and Records Management [WGARM] is composed of individuals who were initially recommended by their organizations [or were later added by WGARM] because of their expressed interest, knowledge or experience in ARM or related areas.


To encourage continuity and access to wide experience we have encouraged "alternates" and "observers" participation. A working definition of the three terms is provided below: All are on the mailing list and welcome to attend meetings. Our philosophy has been "we need - and welcome - all the help we can get".


- Representative: takes primary responsibility:

         for attending meetings, keeping related alternates, observers or colleagues informed and suggesting items for agenda.

         obtaining required data and comments on WGARM drafts from IT and other colleagues in their own organization and

         keeping their UNPO senior staff who serve as representative to the Common Services Task Force informed of WGARM projects or proposals especially before CSTF meetings which have WGARM on the agenda.


- Alternate: attends meetings whenever possible and especially if representative will not be present or the agenda includes an item for which they may have special expertise and experience to share.


- Observer is welcome to attend at any time and offer items for discussion.


 - Observer-email:  Colleagues in other UN locations who would not usually be able to physically attend meetings but wish to be receive e-mail announcements etc. They may also offer comments, suggest items for discussion or attend when they are in NY.

 Coordinator Manager

 Based on the annual agreed priorities, a WGARM representative or alternate might serve as a coordinator or manager of some part of the current or future years projects. This could involve following up on technical issues and reporting back to WGARM or chair or arranging for demonstration of a product or service of interest to some WGARM members etc..

 New Members info

We can provide new members a list of previous documents submitted to the Common Services Task Force; recent "in- progress" documents and items being discussed - as well as WGARM draft material they may find helpful. see also  http://www.wgarm.net ]


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